What is Exclusive Brands

VIVA brings together the best products from several countries and markets them under our exclusive brands. More than 80% of our products are of European origin. These products have a high level of trust and credibility because they conform to European standards that cover quality control, direct sourcing, and supply chains.

Our buyers manage to procure high-quality products at affordable prices for our customers. Because of their success, we are able to offer you attractive pricing that’s often up to 50% less than a comparable brand. You can readily switch to our products without a drop in quality and start saving from this week on! If you’re not 100% satisfied, bring it back. We’ll replace the product or refund your money.

Quality Standards

Quality is our priority! We implement our quality policies strictly and have rigorous control over supplier selection, factory and production site audits. Our empanelled suppliers meet International Food Safety Standards. This ensures the safety of the materials used in the product as well as the highest possible quality in the products that go on to our shelves. For produce, we provide safe and fresh produce through comprehensive controls from farm to cold chain delivery, all the way to the store shelf that ensures freshness all the way to VIVA stores.

Food Safety

All of VIVA’s exclusive brands offer:

  • Date coding to ensure freshness
  • No compromise on quality; product taste tests in VIVA Test Kitchen to ensure we are meeting customer expectations on quality
  • Direct sourcing without middlemen for better prices
  • Listening to customers’ needs and support for customers lifestyle choices through development of new ranges that are healthier such as organic, fairtrade etc

We understand that quality and low pricing are a rare combination. You can rely on VIVA exclusive brands to provide the uncompromised quality you want at the prices you’re looking for.
VIVA exclusive brands stand for customer value and trusted product selection. Try now & enjoy more savings!