At VIVA, we strive to maintain a simple environment that encourages every employee to take useful initiatives that will strengthen our store brand. The team spirit inspires trust in each other. We welcome and listen to each other’s ideas and look for new and better ways of doing things. Our collective goal is to earn the lifelong loyalty of our store’s customers. We encourage and support each other in this effort and keep evolving, both as individuals and as an organization.

We retain our customers’ trust by staying true to our brand promise of fresher, cheaper and better. We can deliver consistently on this promise only with cooperation and commitment from every single one of us. VIVA attaches due importance to fostering a dependable team that has a strong spirit of service, and who comprise an integral part of our strategy to build an even bigger customer base.

Our work and business environment brings us into contact with individuals from multiple ethnicities and backgrounds, thereby necessitating a work culture that is free from prejudice and discrimination. Ethnic and cultural diversity among customers and also employees is regarded with respect. The VIVA team is focused on performance and values the dedication of every employee. It cherishes unity within the team, as it is the foundation for mutual goodwill and for the necessary cooperation to achieve organizational success.

Store Manager
Team Member


Satisfied customers and fulfillment of Sales targets are some of our expectations from this individual. They should be able to manage the operations profitably and work effectively towards growth goals. He/She has to take responsibility for productivity and overall store management and above all, possess an achiever mindset.


A Team Member is a key contributor to store operations. He/she has a role in overall store performance. Team members are to facilitate smooth customer interaction and assistance, be adept in routine operations, and unfailingly comply with rules and store policy with high integrity.


VIVA is looking for individuals with significant experience in the FMCG or at a retail supermarket agency who can understand and implement supply chain management concepts. The Buyer’s responsibilities include creating purchase order tracking systems, updating managers when orders have been filled and invoices from vendors have been issued, answering vendor’s queries and providing any additional order documentation as may be required.

VIVA is growing bigger and better every year, and the reason for our success is our people. Everyone here works hard for our achievements, and in return, we do all we can to look after them. Interested? Great, time to discover more about us and apply now.
Have a look at the below positions we have available to find the one that suits your skills and experience. If you think you’d be a great fit, email us your resume at


Corporate Office Openings:

1. Product Manager
2. Area Manager
3. Warehouse Manager


Ongoing Openings:

1. Store Manager
2. Assist Store Manager
3. Team Member
4. Helper
5. Warehouse Picker

Ensure to mention job position you are applying for, in the subject line while sending the CV to us for better screening.

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What We Offer

Medical Insurance

Insurances to ensure you are appropriately covered for medical treatment, emergencies and accidents during your tenure of employment with VIVA.

Yearly Leave

Paid annual leave days to help you rejuvenate and for you to enjoy a vacation break.

Leave Travel Allowance

Return tickets for home visit.


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