About Us

Welcome to VIVA!

VIVA is the FIRST UAE food discounter in the region operating on a discount model, offering the highest quality products to its customers at the lowest price.

Since our inauguration on 28 Feb 2018 at the Grand Avenue Mall, the communities of Sharjah, Ajman & Deira are now able to enjoy “‘FRESHER. CHEAPER. BETTER’ shopping.

VIVA literally means `long live!’, and your lifestyle gets healthier and more affordable with us. As a food discounter retailer, we offer a complete shopping trip with a range of high-quality products at cheaper prices.

VIVA stores serve as neighbourhood stores in localities with a dense residential footprint. Besides food products, we also carry a variety of non-food products to cater to the larger section of consumers.

Every 2 weeks, selected non-food products will be on SPECIAL BUYS at rock bottom prices for a limited time period. Just sign up for our e-newsletter to get the latest news on our offers.

At VIVA, all our products are handpicked by our experienced buyers, and are offered under VIVA exclusive brands. They meet or exceed the national brands on taste, quality and, of course, price. More than 80% of those products are of European Product Quality too. We can’t promise you’ll find the choices of the same item, but we can promise you’ll find the best one. If you’re not 100% satisfied, bring it back. We’ll replace the product or refund your money.

Our Vision & Mission

To be the food value destination by delivering our FRESHER. CHEAPER. BETTER. promise everyday and earn customer lifetime loyalty.


In delivering our promise of FRESHER. CHEAPER. BETTER. we ensure we are consistent in everything we do.

A key value at VIVA is simplicity – both for customers and ourselves. We will always focus on the basics and find innovative ways to listen to our customers and colleagues and stay close to reality.


We promise our customers fresher products because of our supply chain management.

  • High Quality Standards. FRESHER ALWAYS.
    • We monitor the shipping of our handpicked, high quality products so your shopping is FRESHER Always.
  • Directly Sourced. FRESHER ALWAYS.
    • Our products are directly sourced. We are in control from production, storage and shipping to the stores. As such our supply chain management ensures what you buy is FRESHER Always.
    • We also partner with a wide variety of growers – including some local farms – to offer a wide variety of fresh, in-season produce.
  • Quality & Temperature Checked. FRESHER Always.
    • Food products deteriorate over time due to temperature abuse or unsupervised handling. To ensure product quality, the cold chain is never broken in every stage of the journey to your table. This is how we keep up our promise of FRESHER Always.

VIVA ensures your products stay fresher longer. Simply experience the difference by shopping with us.


To be able to maintain low prices, cost-efficiency is a continuing effort at Viva. We identify new and dependable sources to buy from and negotiate further with existing suppliers. These are reasons why we are able to continue saving money for our customers while delivering exceptional value to them.

  • Efficient Operations. CHEAPER Prices.
    • Multi-tasking and well-trained, our team works to deliver cost efficiency so we may pass it on to customers.
    • Our range and the bi-weekly offers are displayed in their designed shipping boxes to help save time and resources to restock shelves.
    • Working in a highly process-driven manner is a key factor that keeps our prices low for customers.
  • Directly Sourced. CHEAPER Prices.
    • Going directly to the producers without a middleman ensures that we are fully informed of the origin and quality of the products we offer to customers. As such, our range is 100% private label and thus we have high visibility of products that we bring into our stores. Equally as important, this enables us to offer you cheaper prices.
  • Exclusive Brands. CHEAPER Prices.
    • Being 100% private label also allows us to purchase in volume. This brings down the cost of procurement; we pass on the savings to you without compromising on quality.


  • Products Chosen for You. BETTER. Shopping.
    • All our products are sourced with careful consideration of taste, quality, and ingredients. We only choose the best product range for you so that you may shop hassle free and complete your shopping faster with us. Enjoy BETTER Shopping.
  • Clean & Spacious Stores. BETTER Shopping.
    • We take pride of the fact that you can shop with complete comfort and ease in our stores. Our aisles are kept clutter free, and hygiene and safety are maintained at our stores as a top of priority. Enjoy BETTER Shopping.
  • Closer to You. BETTER Shopping.
    • We want to serve local neighbourhoods and be closer to you, as such all our stores are centrally located and are easier to reach. Enjoy BETTER Shopping.

At VIVA, all the small differences that we are constantly making add up to a big impact – in store and in your wallet.


The management team of VIVA, led by Georg J. Fischer, CEO of VIVA together with a team of internationally experienced professionals in food discounter industry.